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Guide to Selecting Jewelry for Your Beach or Destination Wedding

For many, there is no more perfect place to say “I do” than standing on a beautiful, exotic beach. Unlike most traditional weddings, the attire worn by the bridal party at a beach wedding is often more relaxed and casual.  This untraditional, low-key style of wedding may sometimes leave brides puzzled about what to choose when selecting dresses and accessories for themselves and their bridesmaids.

Like all wedding day accessories, your beach wedding jewelry should look effortless.  Finding accessories that reflect your style and add a touch of glamour, while also tying into the natural beauty of the beach and surroundings is essential.  Below are a few tips and suggestions that may be helpful.

Choose Organic

For a beach wedding, consider wearing necklaces, earrings and bracelets with a more organic appeal.  Look for jewelry that is inspired by nature, including pieces that are handmade with seashells, freshwater pearls and mother of pearl may be an ideal choice.  They will add just the right amount of embellishment to your dress and tie in perfectly to your wedding theme and to the natural beauty of the surroundings.


Pearls seem to work well for any style of wedding and are an excellent choice for brides and bridesmaids.  Because they come from oysters, they naturally remind us of the beauty of the beach and ocean.  While traditional round pearls are always lovely, there are a few other types of pearls that may have a slightly more casual, beachy look.

Keshi pearls are especially beautiful and luminous. These pearls are usually formed outside of the oyster, giving them an irregular shape.

Coin pearls and nugget pearls, as seen in the bracelet to the left, are also wonderful options.  Nugget pearls have an oval shape and irregular surfaces and have an earthy look. They are a perfect choice for a beach wedding.

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Add Tropical Colors

Adding a bit of color to your wedding dress is a wonderful way to make your look unique! Choose jewelry with gemstones, crystal beads and pearls that reflect the feeling and colors of the surroundings. Colorful jewelry made with, or inspired by sea life, such as rich red or pink coral will provide a tropical look and stay within the theme of your wedding. A bracelet or necklace in a cool shade of aqua blue will tie in with a beautiful ocean background and show off your tan!

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