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Guide to Selecting Bridesmaids Jewelry

Your bridesmaids are an integral part of your wedding day.  What better way to pamper them than with a decadent piece of bridesmaids jewelry?  It's a perfect gift  to show appreciation and will also add the finishing touches to their dresses.   Ideally, the best choice would be a bridesmaid necklace, earrings or bracelet that will perfectly enhance the bridesmaid’s dress and also be something that she will wear again and again.  Below are a few tips that may be helpful when selecting jewelry for your bridesmaids.

Consider Their Unique Style

In addition to attempting to find bridesmaid jewelry that will reflect your wedding style, an important factor to consider when choosing accessories for your bridesmaids is each of their personal taste and style.  Do they generally wear large, chunky jewelry or small and dainty? Silver or gold?   Look for pieces that will pull their ensemble together AND be a cherished gift!

Accessories worn by the bridal party do not need to be identical.  One way to accommodate each of their individual style may be to select a gemstone or crystal color (or combination of several) and purchase assorted necklaces, bracelets and earrings styles that are made with the same stones.

Necklaces and bracelets should be the right size to fit comfortably.  Most of the necklaces and bracelets at Beth Devine Designs are adjustable and also available with several length options.  Please see our guide to Customizing Online for additional information.

Choose Pearls

Pearl bridesmaid jewelry is always an excellent choice for the bridal party. Who doesn't love luminous and shimmering pearls?  Because of their versatility, they will accent almost any style and color of dress beautifully.

If you prefer a traditional look, a drop earring made with a mixture of pearls will be an elegant addition to any bridesmaid dress. Freshwater pearls are available in an endless variety of shapes, colors and sizes.Why not go for something a little different than a traditional strand of round pearls and instead choose a simple drop necklace of square freshwater pearls? A necklace, bracelet or earrings made from colorful pearls may be a favorable alternative to traditional white or cream pearls.

Go for Neutral Shades

If you are having difficulty finding jewelry in a shade that perfectly matches your bridesmaid’s dresses, don't despair.  Sometimes the best bet is to opt for jewelry in clear or a neutral tone that will compliment virtually any dress.  Additionally, it will give your attendants more versatility to wear the piece after the wedding.

A necklace, earrings or bracelet made from clear crystal beads or gemstones will add sparkle and compliment any dress.
Champagne is also a versatile shade for bridesmaid jewelry.  It works well with many colors, especially warmer tones including greens, browns and corals.

Consider Necklines

Whether your bridesmaids are wearing identical dresses or varying styles, the neckline of each dress is a very important detail to keep in mind when selecting earrings and necklaces. For specifics, please see our Guide to Selecting Jewelry for Your Neckline.


A few little extra details can really go a long way!  Presenting jewelry in a gift box tied with a lovely ribbon is the perfect way to show your appreciation!

Beth Devine Designs offers a special bridal party discount for purchases of three or more items.  Please contact Beth Devine for information on custom orders or for assistance selecting your jewelry.