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Guide to Selecting Your Bridal Jewelry

On average, women try on at least a dozen dresses before finding the right one for their wedding day.  After likely devoting much time and energy to finding the perfect dress comes the task of fiquring out how to best accessorize it.  If you're having trouble knowing where to begin, read on for some tips that you may find helpful when selecting your bridal jewelry.

Choose Unique Accessories

Above all, the jewelry that you wear on your wedding day should reflect your personal taste and feel comfortable to wear.  Like your dress, accessories provide you with an excellent opportunity to distinguish yourself and display your style.  Selecting handmade wedding jewelry that can be customized to suit your taste exactly is a terrific way to show originality and make your wedding look more unique.

Even if your wedding is traditional down to every last detail, there are many accessory options available for you to make your look a bit more individual and still stay well within your wedding theme.

Pearl bridal jewelry is always a classic choice and pearls are available in an endless amount of shapes and sizes.  A thought may be to trade in your round pearls for a more uncommon type of freshwater pearl.  Keishi pearls, which are irregular in shape, or coin pearls may be a slightly more unique choice for you.

If your wedding is unconventional, then by all means step outside of the norm when selecting your  bridal jewelry.  A chunky or colorful necklace or pendant may be just the thing to add a distinctive look to your ensemble.

Add Color

Adding accessories with color is one of the easiest ways to incorporate your personal style into your wedding look.  You may prefer to stay more traditional by adding subtle hints of color, or instead, make a statement with bold, bright pieces.

To fulfill the "something blue" requirement, you may want to add a piece of jewelry made with blue gemstones or crystal beads into your ensemble.  While there are endless shades of blue available, a thought may be to choose a sparkling ice-blue bracelet as an accent.

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You could also to tie into the color theme of your wedding by coordinating your jewelry with the bridesmaid dresses or your flowers.  Most crystal bridal earrings, necklaces and bracelets available at Beth Devine Designs can be made in your choice of colors.  Please see our crystal color chart for options.

The Dress

Regardless of how beautiful your wedding day accessories are, they must work with your dress.  When selecting your handmade wedding jewelry, you'll want to consider a few details, like the neckline and shade of the dress and any crystal or pearl embellishments.

Pay attention to neckline of your dress when choosing a necklace and earrings.  To hopefully cut some of the guesswork out of selecting the right bridal necklace to coordinate with your dress, please see our Guide to selecting the Right Jewelry for Your Neckline.

The shade of your dress is also important to keep in mind when deciding on jewelry.  A true white wedding dress may be better enhanced with silver or white gold. Gold will bring out the creamy undertones of an ivory dress.  If your dress is off-white, it should work well with either gold or silver.

Coordinating your bridal jewelry with any beading or embellishment on your dress can create a wonderfully harmonized look.  A pair of crystal earrings will show off any sparkling crystal accents and a feminine pearl necklace will tie in perfectly with a dress that has pearl beading.

A simple, understated dress can usually afford more dramatic accessories without looking overdone.  A sparkling crystal bridal necklace or crystal chandelier earrings that really make a statement can be a glamorous addition to your ensemble.

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